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Indy's Favorite

Size Large:  3.5" to 4.0"  $15.99    Size Medium: 3.0" to 3.5" $13.99

Indies Favorite is covered on both sides by a soft, thick, Moreno Lambs Wool.  Perfect for nuzzling, nursing and caring in the mouth.


Color Choices:  We will make every effort to honor your color preferences. If we are out or back ordered on your color we will email you offering you, your money back or offering suggestions for other available colors. 

If, we do not receive a response back within 48 hours (2 business days) we reserve the right to make a substitution. One, that is as close to the color desired as possible.


Washing: Cold Water-Lay Item Out to Air Dry.

Once dry, insert metal tines down into fur, and then gently pull up and out. 

Your toy quickly fluffs out again to take on a pleasing appearance (several times it's washed and then dried state).


Color Options

Rough & Ready

Medium Size: 3.0" to 3.5" $11.99

Large & Small Sizes: Coming Soon

Made from real Moreno Lamb Skin Wool, this toy is strong enough for rough housing and play while still being soft and thick enough for nap time nuzzling and sucking.

The top half of the pacifier is made of lush Moreno Lamb Skin Wool.  The bottom is make of a thick, sturdy felt that can take most any rough play a kitten can do.

lambs wool with a thick sturdy felt on the bottom.  The nipple is securely fastened with hot glue from both the top and bottom. 


 Color Choices:  We will make every effort to honor your color preferences. If we are out or back ordered on your color we will email you offering you, your money back or offering suggestions for other available colors. 

If, we do not receive a response back within 48 hours (2 business days) we reserve the right to make a substitution. One, that is as close to the color desired as possible.


Washing: Cold Water-Lay Item Out to Air Dry.

Once dry, insert metal tines down into fur, and then gently pull up and out. 

Your toy quickly fluffs out again to take on a pleasing appearance (several times it's washed and then dried state).



Color Options


Snugglemates for Litters

1 to 6 Nipples

Often kittens of undomesticated mothers will need socialization. The Snugglemate is designed to lay over the shoulder, on the floor, in the kitten's bed area, or box. 

Using the pacifier allows the surrogate mother to enjoy TV, family and friends while baby is preoccupied with nursing on the dummy pacifier (aka dummy nuk or dummy mam). 

And, what new mom has not had to clean, burp and feed one hungry kitten only to have three others climb from the box crying for attention and trying to climb up mom's leg?

The Snugglemate resolves this issue by presenting each kitten with a nipple (either dipped or un-dipped with dried kitten milk replacer).

 Now mom can properly see to the needs of each individual kitten in turn without the fighting, fussing and leg climbing mom once knew.

When it is time for bed, kittens known to suckle the genitals of siblings should always be separated from the rest and given their own blanket.  All other kittens can share a 2 to 6 nipple blanket which will bring comfort through the night.

 This also prevents crying kittens in the night waking up and not being able to find mama.   With the nipples close at hand the kitten rolls over finds a nipple and goes off to sleep once more.

18x18" Approximate Size

  1 Nipple $15.99

18x18"  Approximate Size

2 Nipples  $19.99

24x28"    Approximate Size

4 Nipples  $24.99

 30x40" Approximate Size

6 Nipples $29.99

This is how the nipple will look on your blanket.

This is how the back of the blanket nipples will look when purchased.

Catnip and Soft Balls are a Favorite Toy for Frisky Felines.



 Contact Us

 Please note:   We are constantly bargain hunting for the best product prices available, which means kitten and cat patterns may change frequently.

With that in mind, we have a "Surprise Me Button for Boys and Girls".  In this way, we can quickly fill orders with the cutest, brightest and best blankets we can find.  See sample photos below.

Snugglemates Blankets
Colors Options


Catnip - Poms


Small  1" / $0.75

Medium 2" / $0.99

Large 3" / $1.50

Size of Pom
Colors Options

 Two Ounce Nipples

Shipping Economy;United States Postal Mail-Economy Service With Mail Tracking $4.50

Amounts over 10 nipples at a time must be by special order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as we must pull from the warehouse inventory.

2 oz. Nipple

How to Make A Snugglemate

$5.99 Download

Please allow 8 to 24 business hours for your payment to clear PayPal. Once payment has cleared,  your download link will be e-mailed to you via your email address. (Make sure PayPal has your correct email address. Thank you.)

Learn how to make your own Snugglemate Pacifying Blanket with a step by step Power Point Presentation. Upon your payment clearing PayPal (usually 24 business hours), we will send you a link where you can download your presentation.

We will also send you a link for a free Power Point Presentation viewer. The free viewer is hands down the simplest and very best way to view the presentation. Even if you already have Power Point installed on your computer, the viewer will give you better results overall.

You do not have to own Microsoft Power Point in order to view this  presentation.  We will provide you with a link for a Free Viewer.   


Grow Your Own Nutritious Kitty Grass


Rice~Wheat~Rye~Buck Oats~Barley~Combo Pak

With Easy Grow Instruction




. . . to be carried in the mouth

Unique Toys

Indy's Pacifier Toys are Hand Made and therefore each item will be unique and vary slightly in color, size and shape from those viewed here, or purchased by others. 

This also means there may be small imperfections due to human construction vs. computerized machines that we have all become so accustomed to in our modern lives.


Tips On How to Use Our Products

Cats and kittens find comfort in kneading and suckling, while this may be cute, it can get annoying.  Thus our products were created.

Many cats and kittens take to their New Pacifier Toys and Snugglemate Blankets quickly, others some seem to need a little extra nudge. So for those that need a weeee bit of extra help here are some tips.

1) Make sure your new toy smells of YOU!  This means if you enjoy working out in front of the TV dancing to the Oldies, then make sure the toy or blanket is next to your skin so that it will smell of you! Remember, you are now mama or daddy and now represent the only safety, love and security they have probably ever known since suckling at their mothers breast.

2) Gently clean the rubber nipple when you get it and make sure not to over do the soap...you do not want to make baby sick.

3) Purchase any good quality dried Kitten Milk Replacer, (Look on E-Bay).  Now dip the clean damp nipple into the powdered Kitten Milk Replacer and present it to your new fury feline child.  They should start by licking and then sucking.

4) While you sit reading, watching TV, sitting in bed relaxing or in general are just relaxing, keep the pacifier close to you (and the dried milk for those needing the extra nudge).

Every time baby comes up to suckle anything undesirable, present them with their new pacifier,(dipped in powdered Kitten Milk Replacer if necessary).

5) Finally, repeat this process as needed by repeatedly presenting your baby with the fresh dried milk for those needing the extra nudge.  For those that do not need the kitten milk, you can sprinkle the dried kitten milk as an extra treat and to add extra nutrion and weight. 

If you have a litter?  Dipping dried milk on the nipple will help ease the hunger until it is their turn at the dinner table.

Kittens Needing an Extra Nudge:  As the kitten suckles the rubber nipple, the enzymes in their saliva begin to work the powdered kitten milk into the rubber.  This means after a short while the rubber will begin to taste and smell of the dried kitten milk longer and longer until the dried milk is no longer needed. 

However, giving kittens the milk once in a while as a treat is still a good idea especially for queens (female cats), the elderly, or those needing the extra nutrition after surgery.

The only contradiction would be if the cat/kitten has a respiratory illness.  In this case, depending on the age, you may want to just give them Gerber's Strained Ham.  This product will put weight on them fast, make them drink more water (so have fresh clean water handy) which keeps them hydrated. 

I always keep Gerber's Strained Ham, Kayro Syrup, Colloidal Silver 1,100 ppm handy for emergencies.

Please keep us posted on how this works for you.

If you have suggestions or cute photos I can use on the site please send them to me.  Your suggestions are always welcome.

Very Best Wishes,



Cleaning & Brushing Instructions

1) Each toy should be washed by itself on a gentle cycle in cold water only. 

2) The toy should then be gently pressed out flat to a pleasing shape and allowed to dry naturally  (dryer: useing coolest settings might be okay) . 

3) Once your toy has fully dried (24/48 hours), gently comb until your toy becomes once again soft, fluffy and several times larger than it's original size.

Your toy is now ready for more play time games.

A Special Note:  Your toys will come shipped in a small plastic wrapper which can be compressed during shipping. This makes the toy look smaller than it really is. 


Custom Orders Available 

Sunny Prefers a Rabbit Pelt Binkie

   E-Mail Us   

Business Response and Contact

A Small Company: In order to hold prices down we do not employ a large staff, in the truest since of the word, we are a small mom and pop shop.  To better serve you, here is how best to contact us directly.  Thank you.

E-Mail Responses: 24-48 hours.                              

Making Your Item: 3-5 business days 

Closed: We are closed Weekends & Holidays.  Orders and emails received after hours or on Weekends & Holidays will be addressed on the next business day. 

Pacific West Coast Time

Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

7 to 10 AM /Responding to E-mail Queries (best time to reach us)

10 to Noon/Shipping toys  (phones & computer email not manned)

Noon to 5 PM/Filling orders & Manning Phones)

Notation: Due to excessive spam and telephone cold callers, we have had to remove our some of our contact information from our website.  However,  once you have placed an order, this contact information will be sent to you via a confirmation of purchase email.  

Oral Devices:  Oral devices are not available for refund due to health and safety concerns. 

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Disclosures: I wish I could boast that our toys are for everyone, but common sense dictates otherwise.  Kittens that are teething (chewing on everything) due to painful incoming adult teeth should not be given our products. They will sometimes chew the nipple off leaving mama with the project of replacing it.

Older cats with gum disease (chewing to help relieve painful gums) should not be given our products as this condition requires medication from your vet.

Why Not? The nipples used are designed for sucking and not for chewing.

Replacing Punctured Nipples: Accidents do happen and if your kitten perforates their nipple, it should be replaced to avoid sucking air into babies tummy and causing a tummy ache, just like with human babies.

Product Guarantee? Can I guarantee your kitten or cat will love our products and stop nursing on you or your clothes immediately?  No.  I wish that I could.  It will take some time, patience and experimentation.

You see, I do not know the background of your  kitten or cat.  When I take in a stray, I watch and work with them to see what they like and dislike.  This is how I was able to come up with so many photos.  I know my cats and kittens.

These are all real felines, each with their own unique personality with differing needs, likes and dislikes.  Not all need or want a pacifier, but for those that do, our products seem to work very well.  Only you can decide if our products will meet your babies needs.

.Example: One customer presented her new kitten with our Indies Favorite Pacifier. Imagine this woman's shock when the kitten snatched the pacifier right out from her hand, growled and hissed before taking the toy under the bed.  He refused to bring the toy back out, but used it under the bed where no one could reach the toy but himself.

Most recently, a customer thanked us for creating the pacifier as her kitten loved the toy and used it with a bit of dried milk.  She would wait for mom to dip the nipple then she would settle down for the night with the pacifier.

Another customer was astonished at how quickly her kitten took right to the pacifier which solved all her problems, she was amazed.  Apparently, the kitten was nursing on her at night during sleep. ( I wish all our customers had it that easy)

Still another customer reported that one of her cats (an older male) refused the nipple but sucked directly onto his new blanket.  She now keeps the blanket on the bed next to her, just for him.

Then there was the customer whose dog took the pacifier away from the cat and ate the entire toy. Actually, the dog ate both the Indies Favorite and the Rough & Ready she had purchased.  So be forewarned, older dogs will take the toys away from the cat and will eat them if given the chance. 

Another pet owner did not know her kitten was teething and chewed the nipple off within moments of unwrapping it.  (Not to worry, we now offer nipples for $ 1.25 and downloadable instructions for repairing the damage...lol)

Even with the many success stories of my cats/kittens and those of others, it takes patience and observation.

So no, I cannot boast a 100% success rate yet, but I am working to that end. 

Refunds & Returns:  Kittens and Cats can carry bacteria, viruses and fungus in their saliva just like humans, even when vaccinated.  Therefore, health and safety concerns dictate that physical returns for a refund not be accepted.  For this reason all purchases are final, and ensures that the toys you receive are new and customized just for you and your furry loved one. 


Making And Shipping Your Product

 While we work very hard to get your item/s out within 24 business hours this goal is sometimes not always possible, particularly around the holidays.  Therefore expect that it will take us 3 to 5 business days to make, package and ship your items.

A Special Note:  Your toys will come shipped in various wrappers which help to protect them while in transit.  

However, shipping does compress (flatten out) your toy and can make it look several times smaller than it really is. This occurs when the US Postal System places larger heavier object on top of the toys.   

If this occurs, remove the toy from the wrapper and gently, with a teasing comb, lift the fur up and out until it is thick and fluffy again. 

The above photo is a sample of our packaging and how your item should arrive.


When You Make a Purchase: We will send you an acknowledgement e-mail with our direct contact information for any questions or concerns. 

Next, make sure that Pay Pal has your correct e-mail and contact information so we may contact you regarding questions about your order.

Do check your email as you will be provided a tracking number for your purchase when Priority Mail is Used.


Mailing Your Purchase

USPS Priority Mail: Once your product has been made and packaged, it is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 

USPS boasts a turnaround time of 1 to 10 business days anywhere within the Continental US (approx.14 days outside the US).

We therefore ask 10 full business days before becoming concerned that your item may be lost in the mail. 

Please, do contact us if your package does not arrive! 

Contact Us

We will reverse track your item.  If, we have made a mistake on your order and did not properly send it.

We will either refund your money, or ship out your items within 24 business hours along with an apology and a free gift for your trouble.   It is your choice.

We are only human and occasionally, do make mistakes, thankfully this is not often.

Responding to E-Mails: Allow us up to 2 business days to respond to e-mail requests.  This allows us time to retrace our steps and better assist you with accurate information.  Thank you for your patience.


Tracking Your Package:  Remember you can track your package on line since all purchases are sent a confirmation email letting you know the estimated shipping date, arrival date and the tracking number.

The only exception is when we sell small products such as the nipples, catnip, Puffer Balls and Poms.  In such cases, the most economical way to ship is Common US Mail; we do add tracking however.

 United States Postal Service

Priority Mail Delivery $8.50

Economy Mail $4.00

Please allow 1 to 10 business days (Excludes Weekends and Holidays) for your items.

Shipping includes Packaging, Tracking, Delivery Confirmation and Handling.

Questions? Contact Us

Priority International Mail

     Please allow 7 to 14 business days (Excludes Weekends and Holidays) for your items.

Shipping includes Packaging, Tracking, Delivery Confirmation and Handling.

$23.00 Canada & Mexico

$26.00 Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland

If your area is not listed please E-Mail for questions or a Quote.   

 Contact Us




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