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Indy's Favorite

Size Large: 3.5" to 4.0"  $15.99

Size Medium: 3.0" to 3.5" $13.99

Moreno Lamb Skin Wool

Soft, thick lambs wool covers both sides of this lush pacifier, perfect for nuzzling and nursing.

We will make every effort to honor your color preferences, but we must reserve the right to make color replacements when your chosen color is not available.

Washing: Cold Water/Lay Out to Air Dry and Gently Fluff the Item Once Dry with a Teasing Comb

Soft, thick lambs wool covers both sides of this lush pacifier, perfect for nuzzling and nursing.

We will make every effort to honor your color preferences, but we must reserve the right to make color replacements when your chosen color is not available.

Color Choices: We will make every effort to honor your color preferences, but we must reserve the right to make color replacements when your chosen color is not available.

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Color Options


Rough & Ready

Large Size: Coming Soon

Size Medium: 3.0" to 3.5"  $11.99

Moreno Lamb Skin Wool

This toy is light weight, easily  carried in the mouth  of kittens yet strong enough for rough housing and still soft enough for nap time suckling. The top of the item has lush lambs wool with a thick sturdy felt on the bottom.  The nipple is securely fastened with hot glue from both the  top and bottom.

Mail TimeCrush!  I recall seeing a commercial where a young man poured in all the ingredients for a Milk Shake and then Mailed it to him self. Several days later his shake arrived perfectly blended. There is a lesson here, no matter how great your toy looks going into the mailing envelope, by the time it reaches you, it will be as flat as a pancake and probably look 2 to 3 times smaller than when I shipped it. Now I can raise prices and buy protective boxes, or sell cheaper and warn the purchaser that when your item arrives you will need a hair  pick or an old fashioned teasing comb to fluff the back up. Wool is especially prone to flattening out in the mail and if you do not own a poodle or know some one with kinky curly hair you most probably not understand what I mean.

Example: Most people know that a poodle has kinky curly   hair that is pretty only when trimmed and properly brushed! The same is true for lamp skin wool. If  you squash it, it smashes inward and flattens out.
Howver, just like the poodle, if you will gently brush your toy and us a pick to  lift the kinky curly hair outward, it will quickly become several sizes larger that when you removed it from the shipping envelope and will stay in that    condition until your cat/kitten rolls on it or sleeps on it .

Color Choices: We will make every effort to honor your color preferences, but we must reserve the right to make color replacements when your chosen color is not available.

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Color Options

Snugglemates for Litters

1 to 8 Nipples

Often kittens of undomesticated mothers will need socialization. The Snugglemate is designed to lay over mom's shoulder, on the floor, or in the  bed area. 

If used over the shoulder, baby can then hear and feel the heartbeat of their the surrogate mother making bonding easier. 

This also allows the surrogate mother to enjoy TV, family and friends while baby sleeps peacefully. 

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18x18"Approx     1 Nipple


18x18" Approx   2 Nipples


24x28"Approx    4 Nipples


30x40" Approx   6 Nipples


8 Nipples Also Available
This is how the nipple will look on your blanket.

This is how the back of the blanket nipples will look when purchased.

Catnip and Soft Balls of All Shapes and Sizes are a Winning Combination for Frisky Felines.

Questions? Contact Us

Sample Patterns

Please note:   Since we are constantly bargain hunting to bring the lowest prices to our customers, we never really know what we are going to find, in what quantities and when.

Needless to say infant kittens grow so fast that we figured most surrogate parents would be more concerned with obtaining the blanket than waiting for a specific brand. 

With that in mind, we have a "Surprise Me Button for Boys and Girls".  In this way, we can quickly fill orders the cutest, brightest and best blankets we have available.

Snugglemates Blankets
Colors Options

Cat Play Poms

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Small  1" / $0.75

Medium 2" / $0.99

Size of Pom
Colors Options

 2 Ounce Nipples

$1.25 ea.

Shipping Economy; United States Postal Mail With Mail Tracking $4.50

Amounts over 10 nipples at a time must be by special order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as we must pull from the warehouse inventory.

We will be caring 4 oz nipples shortly and are looking for larger more suitable nipples for larger dog breeds.  (Check Back Often for More Details)

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2 oz. Nipple

How to Make A Snugglemate

Learn how to make your own Snugglemate Pacifying Blanket with a step by step Power Point Presentation. Upon your payment clearing PayPal (usually 24 business hours), we will send you a link where you can download your presentation.

We also send you a link for a free Power Point Presentation viewer. The free viewer is hands down the simplest and very best way to view the presentation. Even if you already have Power Point installed on your computer, the viewer will give you better results overall.

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Computer Download $4.99  

CD Only  $9.99

Download & CD $12.99

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Specifically Designed

To Be Carried In the Mouth

Unique Toys

Indy's Pacifier Toys are Hand Made and therefore each item will be unique and vary slightly in color, size and shape from those viewed here, or purchased by others. 

This also means there may be small imperfections due to human construction vs. computerized machines that we have all become so accustomed to in our modern lives.


How to Use the Pacifier Toy & Blanket

Cats and kittens find comfort in kneading and suckling and, while this may be cute, it can get annoying.  Thus our products were created.

While many cats and kittens take to their Pacifier Toys and blankets quickly, some seem to need a little extra nudge. So for those that need a weeee bit of extra help here are some tips.

1) Make sure your new toy smells of YOU!  These means if you enjoy working out in front of the TV dancing to the Oldies, then make sure the toy or blanket is next to your skin so that it will smell of you!

2) Gently clean the rubber nipple when you get it and make sure not to over do the soap...you do not want to make baby sick.

3) Purchase any good quality Kitten Milk Replacer, (such as KMR).  Now dip the damp nipple (not soapy or dripping wet) or onto some portion of a real fur piece or baby blanket you have given to your baby for that purpose.

4) Now while you can sit reading a book or watching TV, hold the pacifier or blanket and allow baby to taste the blanket and nipple that has been dipped in the dried milk.  I would suggest doing both, dipping both the nipple and a small portion of your blanket and allow them to choose their preference.

Finally, repeat this process as needed by presenting your baby with fresh dried milk, allowing them to rest on your lap with their toy and/or on their blanket.

If you have a litter?  Dipping dried milk on the nipple will help ease the hunger until it is their turn to eat dinner.

Please keep me posted on how this works for you.

Best Wishes,


Questions?  Contact Us


Cleaning & Brushing Instructions

1) Each toy should be washed by itself on a gentle cycle in cold water only. 

2) The toy should then be gently pressed out flat to a pleasing shape and allowed to dry naturally  (dryer: using coolest settings might be okay) . 

3) Once your toy has fully dried (24/48 hours), gently comb until your toy becomes once again soft, fluffy and several times larger than it's original size.

Your toy is now ready for more play time games.

A Special Note:  Your toys will come shipped in a small plastic wrapper which can compress the toys normally fluffy state.  If this occurs, remove the toy from the wrapper and gently brush with a comb or brush until fluffy once again.


Custom Orders Available 

Sunny & His (Rabbit Fur) Babies Binkie




  Contact Us 


Disclosures: I wish I could boast that our toys are for everyone, but common sense dictates otherwise.  Kittens that are teething (chewing on everything) due to painful incoming adult teeth should not be given our products. They will sometimes chew the nipple off leaving mama with the project of replacing it.

Older cats with gum disease (chewing to help relieve painful gums) should not be given our products as this condition requires medication from your vet.

Why? The nipples used are designed for sucking and not for chewing.

Replacing Punctured Nipples: Accidents do happen and if your kitten perforates their nipple, it should be replaced to avoid sucking air into babies tummy and causing a tummy ache, just like with human babies.

Product Guarantee? Can I guarantee your kitten/cat will love my products and stop nursing on you or your clothes...etc.???  No.

I do not know the background of you or your kitten/cat.  While I have rescued many, many cats/kittens and taken the time to try and understand their needs (as shown in the photos) this has taken time and patience.  I simply share my findings and hope that what has worked for me will work for you.

Example: One customer presented her foundling kitten to the lambskin pacifier and was shocked when the kitten growled and snatched the toy rudely away and ran with it under the bed and refused to bring it out again.

Another customer was astonished at how quickly her kitten took to the pacifier which solved her problem of having the kitten nursing on her at night during sleep.

But even with many success stories and back up photos and videos, some kittens and cats just seem to need a bit more help, understanding and patience by their owners.  

Another pet owner had her teething kitten that chew the nipple off the toy within moments of unwrapping it. (Not to worry, we offer replacement nipples and have downloadable instructions for repairing the damage...lol)

So, no, I cannot boast a 100% success rate yet, but I am working to that end for the sake of the foster parent and the orphan.

Refunds & Returns:  Kittens and Cats can carry bacteria, viruses and fungus in their saliva (even when vaccinated). Therefore, health and safety concerns dictate that physical returns for a refund not be accepted.  For this reason all purchases are final, and ensures that the toys you receive are new and custom made just for you and your loved one.

Making And Shipping Your Product

 While we work very hard to get your item/s out within 24 business hours this goal is sometimes not always possible, particularly around the holidays.  Therefore expect that it will take us 3 to 5 business days to make, package and ship your items.

A Special Note:  Your toys will come shipped in various wrappers which help to protect them while shipping.  However, shipping will tightly compress your item/toy making it appear several times smaller than it really is.  

If this occurs, remove the toy from the wrapper and gently, with a teasing comb, lift the fur up and out until it is thick and fluffy again. 

The above photo is a sample photo of our packaging and how your item should arrive.


Mailing Your Purchase

USPS Priority Mail: Once your product has been made and packaged, it is shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  USPS boasts a turnaround time of  2 to 7 business days anywhere within the Continental US (approx.14 days outside the US).

We therefore ask 10 full business days before becoming concerned that your item may be lost in the mail.  Do contact us and we will track down what may have caused the delay. 

 Tracking Your Package: Also remember you can track your package on line since all purchases are sent a confirmation email letting you know the estimated shipping date, arrival date and the tracking number.

The only exception is when we sell small products such as the nipples, catnip, Puffer Balls and Poms.  In such cases, the most economical way to ship is Common US Mail; we do add tracking however.

 United States Postal Service

Priority Mail Delivery

Please allow 3 to 10 business days (Excludes Weekends and Holidays) for your items.

Shipping includes Packaging, Tracking, Delivery Confirmation and Handling.


Questions? Contact Us


The United States Postal System has made it increasingly expensive and difficult to ship internationally. 

Please accept our apologies, as of 8-27-2014, we will no longer be shipping internationally.

We will continue to offer direct downloads on how to make our products however.